Wave Energy Ecological Effects Workshop


Title: Wave Energy Ecological Effects Workshop
Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Date: October 11 - 12,
2007 UTC-07:00
Technology Type:

Sponsored by Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD)

Corvallis, Oregon, USA

October 11-12, 2007



The Wave Energy Ecological Effects Workshop will consist of a one and a half-day meeting with goals of: 1) developing an initial assessment of the potential impacting agents and ecological effects of wave energy development in Oregon’s coastal ocean; and 2) developing a general conceptual framework of physical and biological relationships that can be applied to assess both specific wave energy projects and cumulative effects of multiple projects. The workshop will share present understanding and initiate a broad discussion of the potential ecological effects of developing this form of ocean energy. The resulting publication will address, from the view of the participants: what we know; what we don’t know, including key information gaps; level of uncertainty, level of agreement; a sense of priority of environmental issues; an assessment of the utility of the conceptual approach; and any recommended studies and monitoring parameters.


This workshop will not directly address socioeconomic effects or user conflicts; rather, it will focus on building capacity to more adequately ad dress the potential ecosystem effects of wave energy development along the Oregon coast. The workshop will also not attempt to discuss and vet policy issues pertaining to wave energy parks, except as they affect development decisions that have ecological consequences. After the workshop results have been collated, there will be a separate half-day session in which the workshop session chairs or rapporteurs will report out to a body of policy makers and natural resource managers. It is intended that this function will be performed at the first meeting of the Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council following the workshop (now scheduled for December 14, 2007). This session will allow for an exchange of information among the scientists and policy and management practitioners that is not well-accommodated by the written publication. In addition, a series of public forums will be conducted to share workshop findings, and the proceedings from the workshop will be published and made available to the public on the internet.


Wave Energy Workshop Report

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