US Offshore Wind 2019 Conference and Exhibition (3rd Annual)


Title: US Offshore Wind 2019 Conference and Exhibition (3rd Annual)
Boston, Massachusetts
Date: June 9 - 11,
2019 UTC+00:00

The US Offshore Wind 2019 conference covers a vast range of topics to help you build a superior US offshore wind business plan. Each morning the USOW19 will kick-off with plenary keynotes to 1300+ delegates featuring headline industry announcements that will shape the industry in 2019 and beyond. Topics include federal and state regulatory updates, state-by-state market developments, specific project updates, financing, permitting, cost-reduction strategies, project execution strategies, technology selection and more. Plus, you can attend the second stage for topics about US Offshore Wind Supply Chain Development & Opportunities and Commercializing Floating Wind Turbines. Build your business plan for the US offshore wind market by attending topic-specific presentations, panel discussions and roundtables delivered by renowned experts.


USOW19 is currently researching topics and organizing a host of exciting activities and topics. The in-depth program will be released soon, along with the first wave of keynote speakers. If you want to receive an email notification when it is ready, please sign up to their brochure and mailing list.

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