Information Collection and Consenting Processes for Wave and Tidal Deployments - Lessons from the Field


Title: Information Collection and Consenting Processes for Wave and Tidal Deployments - Lessons from the Field
Date: September 21, 2017
15:00-16:30 UTC+00:00
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Webinar #14 in Annex IV Environmental Webinar Series

Sponsored by Ocean Energy Systems (OES)

September 21, 2017 @ 15:00 - 16:30 UTC




This webinar will address the information collection and consenting process for MRE developments through lessons from the field - one focused on consenting wave projects in Sweden with the necessary collection of environmental and socio-economic data and the other focused on consenting tidal projects in Canada with the necessary economic data that must be collected as part of the process.


The presentation for this webinar is available here


Webinar Presenters


Shelley MacDougall, Acadia University, Canada

Dr. Shelley MacDougall is Professor Emeritus at Acadia University. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, she earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University, an MBA from Dalhousie, and a Ph. D. from Bradford University, in England. She taught corporate finance at Acadia University from 1987 until 2016 and co-owned EEP Engineered and Environmental Products, Inc.


Dr. MacDougall’s area of research is strategic capital investments and investment in new technology. She is a founding member of the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute and is presently conducting research on the development of tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy. She wrote Funding and Financial Supports for Tidal Energy Development in Nova Scotia (2016) and co-wrote the Value Proposition for Tidal Energy Development in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada and Canada (2015). She was also co-project lead and editor of The Community and Business Toolkit for Tidal Energy Development, and authored its two financial modules (2013).


Dr. MacDougall has published research in international scholarly journals:  International Journal of Marine Energy, Energy Policy; OMEGA International Journal of Management Science; the Journal of Enterprising Communities; the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship; the International Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management; and the Journal of Intellectual Capital


Jan Sundberg, Uppsala University, Sweden

Dr. Sundberg received a Ph.D. degree in evolutionary ecology from Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, in 1994.


He has worked for sustainable implementation of renewable energy, attempting to raise the subject to an academic level. Acceptance issues, in particular nature conservation and environmental impact assessments, are on his agenda.


A video of this webinar is available here:


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