2nd International Summit on Conventional and Sustainable Energies


Title: 2nd International Summit on Conventional and Sustainable Energies
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date: March 18 - 19,
2019 UTC+00:00

Sustainable energies 2019 Conference to be held in Chicago, USA with the theme of “Sustaining Sustainable Energies for Sustained Growth”. Sustainable energies Conference is going to help the people who are directly or indirectly related to the Electrical industry and academia. By this conference, people can share their views and ideas and can improve their knowledge about the advanced techniques to increase the productivity of the industries.


The conference includes important topics such as Renewable Energy Resources, Energy System & Efficiency Improvement, Energy Sciences, Advanced Energy Technologies, Energy System & Efficiency Improvement, Energy Storage, Power Meters, Power Generation & System, Solar Cells, Climate Change Mitigation & Environmental Impacts of Energy Systems, Cloud Computing, as well as Future Trends and Advances.



  • Track 1: Renewable Energy Resources
  • Track 2: Sustainability Energy in Science
  • Track 3: Sustainable Energies in Transportation
  • Track 4: Solar Power
  • Track 5: Biomass Energy
  • Track 6: Hydroelectricity
  • Track 7: Wind Energy
  • Track 8: Tidal and Wave Energy
  • Track 9: Geothermal Energy
  • Track 10: Energy Conservation
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