Environmental Webinars

Tethys hosts regular webinars pertaining to topic of environmental concern, as a means to effectively disseminate new information and research efforts to a large international audience of stakeholders. Anyone is welcome to attend these live webinars and participate in a live question and answer session with the presenters. Information for attending these live webinars is distributed to a public mailing list (separate lists for wind and water). Ongoing webinars on Tethys are sponsored by OES-Environmental and WREN.

You can sign up to receive invitations to live webinars here.

Below is a list of past webinars, containing video/audio files of the presentations and Q&A sessions when available.

Sponsored By Title Date Description
DOE MHK Webinar #2 Aquatic Animal Interaction with Marine and Hydrokinetic Devices Webinar August 29, 2011

Discussions focused on the probability and extent of damage occurring as a result of interaction between aquatic animals and MHK devices.

DOE MHK Webinar #1 Environmental Data Management, Cumulative Impacts and Risk Assessment Webinar July 27, 2011

Webinar presentations showcase methods for dissemination of valuable environmental data.