Pentland Firth MeyGen AR1500 and HS1500 Video Camera Data


Pentland Firth MeyGen AR1500 and HS1500 Video Camera Data
Data Type:
November 15, 2016
Technology Type:
Position of Cameras on Meygen's AR1500 Turbine.
Description and Purpose of Data: 

The use of video cameras is aimed at detecting collisions with the blades and helping with species identification. However, the video data will be limited to daylight hours in good visibility.


ARL Turbine: A single video camera is mounted on the ARL nacelle, behind the rotor. The primary aim of this camera is blade condition monitoring. The camera (Mohn Aqua 400 Series) has a 360o pan/tilt unit, zoom and LED lights. The camera will not be able to cover the full swept area of the TTG rotor nor will it be continually recording data. Given the limitation of the camera for collision monitoring purposes it is proposed that a sampling schedule is set up for the camera to supplement other datasets.


SGDS (ARL Turbine) turbine support structure mounted (TSS)): Two video cameras will be mounted on the TSS legs  facing upwards capturing the ebb and flood positions of the TTG. The video cameras (Progressive scan CMOS) have a fisheye lens which will cover 180 degrees by 360 degrees. The video data will be recorded and sampled based on targets identified on the AAM and PAM systems along with a random sample of data.


AHH Turbines: The 3 x AHH turbines will have 3 x video cameras (Seacam Ultra-Wide Angle Monochrome UV camera) positioned at 120o around the nacelle to capture 360o view of the turbine rotor. The data will be available through the turbine supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system at the project control centre.

Frequency of Collection: 
While the turbines are deployed and the cameras working.
Data Access Instructions: 

Contact Cara Donovan.

Pentland Firth MeyGen AR1500 and HS1500 Video Camera Data is located in United Kingdom.
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