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Wave Swell Energy's Oscillating Water Column (OWC) Technology and 200 kW King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project Dr. Tom Denniss September 2019 Blog Article Wave
Planning for Effects of Wave Energy Development Before Going to Sea Kelly Ruehl, Chris Chartrand, and Jesse Roberts February 2015 Blog Article Wave
Animals Interacting with Wave and Tidal Devices Andrea Copping July 2014 Blog Article Tidal, Wave
Interactions of Marine and Avian Animals Around Marine Energy Devices in Scotland Molly Grear May 2014 Blog Article Tidal, Wave
Reedsport OPT Wave Park Plans Terminated Tehani Montaron May 2014 Blog Article Marine Energy general, Wave
Whale Interactions with Wave Device Cables Jonathan Whiting August 2013 Blog Article Wave
Tongatapu Wave Project Jonathan Whiting May 2013 Blog Article Wave
PMEC: Pacific Marine Energy Center Luke Hanna February 2013 Blog Article Wave
MHK Tech Papers Blog Brian Polagye December 2012 Blog Article Marine Energy general
SOWFIA: Streamlining of Ocean Wave Farms Impact Assessment Davide Magagna December 2012 Blog Article
Coastal Wave Parks Should Not Interfere with Gray Whale Migrations Andrea Copping April 2012 Blog Article Offshore Wind
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