Tethys Fact Sheet 2018


Title: Tethys Fact Sheet 2018
Publication Date:
April 30, 2019

Tethys is a public online knowledge management system that was developed in 2009. Content relevant to the environmental effects of wind and marine renewable energy is regularly added, making Tethys the most comprehensive database in the field. New features are regularly added to expand the scope and reach of the website to an international audience. To provide some transparency, the Tethys team generated a fact sheet that provides statistics on the amount of usage and content.


Download the Tethys Statistics Fact Sheet


Sources of Information on Tethys:

Title Author Date Type of Content Technology Type Stressor Receptor
Tethys: Developing a Commons for Understanding Environmental Effects of Marine Renewable Energy Copping, A., et al. December 2013 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Offshore Wind N/A N/A
Tethys - Knowledge Management to Support Environmental Risk Modeling and Mitigation in MHK Power Systems Butner, S., et al. September 2010 Presentation Marine Energy general N/A N/A
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