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Oil Platforms off California are Among the Most Productive Marine Fish Habitats Globally Claisse, J., et al. September 2014 Journal Article Static Device Fish
Renewable Energy in situ Power Cable Observation Love, M., et al. April 2016 Report Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind EMF Benthic Invertebrates, Fish
Megabenthic Invertebrates on Shell Mounds Associated with Oil and Gas Platforms Off California Goddard, J., Love, M. July 2010 Journal Article Static Device Benthic Invertebrates
A comparison of the fish assemblages associated with an oil/gas pipeline and adjacent seafloor in the Santa Barbara Channel, Southern California Bight Love, M., York, A. July 2005 Journal Article Static Device Fish
Fish assemblages on mussel mounds surrounding seven oil platforms in the Santa Barbara Channel and Santa Maria Basin Love, M., Caselle, J., Snook, L. September 1999 Journal Article Static Device Fish
Identical Response of Caged Rock Crabs (Genera Metacarcinus and Cancer) to Energized and Unenergized Undersea Power Cables in Southern California, USA Love, M., et al. April 2015 Journal Article EMF Benthic Invertebrates
A Pilot Study of the Distribution and Abundances of Rockfishes in Relation to Natural Environmental Factors and an Offshore Oil and Gas Production Platform off the Coast of Southern California Love, M., et al. September 1994 Journal Article Static Device Fish
Ecological performance of young-of-the-year blue rockfish (Sebastes mystinus) associated with oil platforms and natural reefs in California as measured by daily growth rates Love, M., et al. January 2007 Journal Article Static Device Fish
Assessing potential impacts of energized submarine power cables on crab harvests Love, M., et al. December 2017 Journal Article Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general EMF Benthic Invertebrates, Socio-economics, Fishing
Overview and trends of ecological and socioeconomic research on artificial reefs Lima, J., Zalmon, I., Love, M. March 2019 Journal Article Nearfield Habitat
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