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Title Author Date Type of Content Technology Type Stressorsort ascending Receptor
Collision Risks Between Marine Renewable Energy Devices and Mammals, Fish and Diving Birds Wilson, B., et al. March 2007 Report Marine Energy general Dynamic Device Birds, Seabirds, Fish, Marine Mammals, Cetaceans
Effects of Displacement from Marine Renewable Development on Seabirds Breeding at SPAs: A Proof of Concept Model of Common Guillemots Breeding on the Isle of May McDonald, C., et al. May 2012 Report Marine Energy general Static Device Birds
A Review of Marine Bird Diving Behaviour: Assessing Underwater Collision Risk with Tidal Turbines Robbins, A., et al. May 2014 Presentation Marine Energy general, Tidal Dynamic Device Birds, Seabirds
Possible Behavioural, Energetic and Demographic Effects of Displacement of Red-throated Divers Dierschke, V., et al. June 2017 Report Birds, Waterfowl
Feasibility Study for Meta-Analysis of Red-Throated Diver Displacement Dirksen, S., et al. July 2017 Report Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Birds, Waterfowl
Finding out the Fate of Displaced Birds Searle, K., et al. February 2018 Report Marine Energy general, Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Birds
Breeding density, fine-scale tracking, and large-scale modeling reveal the regional distribution of four seabird species Wakefield, E., et al. October 2017 Journal Article Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Static Device Birds, Seabirds
Assessing the Vulnerability of the Marine Bird Community in the Western North Sea to Climate Change and Other Anthropogenic Impacts Burthe, S., et al. July 2014 Journal Article Marine Energy general Birds, Seabirds, Ecosystem
Population Consequences of Displacement from Proposed Offshore Wind Energy Developments for Seabirds Breeding at Scottish SPAs Searle, K., et al. May 2014 Report Wind Energy general, Offshore Wind Static Device Birds, Seabirds
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