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Wanxiang-I Project

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Title: Wanxiang-I Project
Start Date:
January 01, 2002
Research End Date:
January 01, 2004
Technology Type:
Info Updated:
July 24, 2014
Wanxiang I tidal current pilot plant in Guishan channel
Project Status: 
Device no longer in the water
vertical-axis tidal turbine
Project Scale: 
Installed Capacity: 
70 KW

Wanxiang-I was the first floating moored tidal current turbine in China. The device consists of two vertical axis rotors, driven systems, control mechanism and floating platform. Each 2.2 m diameter rotor consists of four vertical blades with variable pitch. Thin spokes in tension connect the blades to the hub for the purpose of transferring torque. A shaft connects the hub to the gearbox coupled to the generator forming the driven systems. The rotors, driven systems and control mechanisms are supported by a floating platform, which is kept floating by a pair of hulls. The floating platform then moored to the seabed through a mooring system, which includes four gravity anchors and light chains.


Guishan Channel, China. Near Daishan in the Zhejiang province.

Process Status: 

In January 2002 Wanxiang-I was installed 100 meters from the coast, and it has since been providing power to a small area. This deployment has shown the Wanxiang-I infrastructure to be successful and easily installed and maintained.



Wanxiang-I Project is located in China.
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