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Oceanlinx MK2

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Project Site Annex IV

Title: Oceanlinx MK2
Start Date:
October 01, 2007
Research End Date:
March 01, 2008
Technology Type:
Info Updated:
October 23, 2012
Oceanlinx MK2
Project Status: 
Device no longer in the water
Floating device, Oscillating Water Column
Project Scale: 
Single Device, 1/3 scale.
Installed Capacity: 
No turbine installed but instrumented for PTO calculations

Oceanlinx built and deployed an instrumented 1/3rd scale test unit of its Mk2 WEC in late 2007 and early 2008. The purpose of the Mk2 1/3 Scale was to obtain detailed technical data for floating devices.


The device was located at Port Kembla, approximately 100km south of Sydney, Australia.

Licensing Information: 

The same lease that existed for the Mk1 covered this test program as the trials were conducted in the same area. The Mk2 device was not installed for an extended period, therefore the permitting required was not an issue. For this same reason, there were no environmental studies or surveys required.

Process Status: 

Test completed.

Oceanlinx MK2 is located in Australia.
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