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Eco Wave Power Manzanillo I Project

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Title: Eco Wave Power Manzanillo I Project
Start Date:
January 01, 2019
Research End Date:
January 01, 2044
Technology Type:
Info Updated:
November 15, 2018
Eco Wave Power Mexico, a subsidiary of Eco Wave Power, is planning its first wave energy project in Mexico to be located in Manzanillo Port.
Project Status: 
Planned project
Eco Wave Power Point Absorber WEC system
Project Scale: 
Installed Capacity: 

The planned Eco Wave Manzanillo I project will be the first grid-connected commercial wave energy power station in Mexico and Latin America. When the project comes online it is slated to be the largest gird-connected commercial wave energy station in the world. It will be located in Manzanillo, Colima and will have an installed capacity of 4.8 MW. The project’s life span is 25 years.


Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico.

Project Timeline: 

The project is currently pending final license that should be granted by the end of the year.

Licensing Information: 

Organizations involved:

  • Eco Wave Power Ltd
  • Eco Wave Power Mexico – EWP's JV will own and operate the power station and is responsible for its O&M
  • State of Colima, Mexico
  • Mexico Electricity Authority (CFE)
Key Environmental Issues: 

EWP’s floaters do not connect to the ocean floor, and do not create any new presence in the ocean. EWP only connects its floaters to existing man-made structures. There is no underwater mooring or underwater electric cables. Eco wave power will have no additional environmental impacts due to this. In addition, Eco Wave Power uses biodegradable hydraulic fluid.

Eco Wave Power Manzanillo I Project is located in Mexico.

Baseline Assessment: Eco Wave Power Manzanillo I Project

ReceptorStudy Description Design and Methods Results Status
  • Physical Environment

Definition and graphic representation of the Environmental System (ES), identification of the environmental impacts, and evaluation and prioritization of impacts.

Maps overlap through the Geographic Information System (GIS) and Cause-Effect Diagram and Leopold Matrix, based on Cotán-Pinto Arroyo, 2007, Conesa-Fernández, 1997. 

The forecasting was positive, the project will be totally assimilable by the environmental system (ES) without leaving adverse residual effects. 

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