Annex IV distributes metadata forms (questionnaires) to solicit information from researchers around the world who are exploring the environmental effects of marine renewable energy. This page provides a description and contact information related to the research. Content is updated on an annual basis.

Ocean Current Turbine Rotor Noise

Research Study Annex IV

Title: Ocean Current Turbine Rotor Noise
Start Date:
August 01, 2010
Research End Date:
January 01, 2011
Info Updated:
March 01, 2016
Study Status: 
Princple Investigator Contact Information: 

Name: Stewart Glegg

Address: Florida Atlantic University, 777 Glades Rd., Bora Raton FL 33431

Phone: 561-297-2633


Project Description: 

To calculate expected noise levels associated with turbine rotor motion.

Funding Source: 

State of Florida

Location of Research: 

Boca Raton, FL (computer modeling)

Project Aims: 

Seek to understand water turbine noise generation and to make preliminary estimations of noise levels.

Project Progress: 

This research is complete.

Key Findings: 
  • Harmonic noise due to load fluctuations on a rotor blade (as it passes through a structural flow shadow) was found to be well below ambient levels at frequencies above about 10 Hz.
  • Streamlining upstream structure increases noise levels at higher frequencies (20-30 Hz)
  • Noise levels vary inversely with structure-rotor separation
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